There is an inconsistency in understanding the energy distribution of objects in the gravitational field and of electrons in the electrostatic field of atoms, although both fields have the same common point as being the potential force field. Moreover, the potential field forces of said both fields are inversely proportional to the square of the respective distance to the field center. Deriving from the consideration and precision of concepts of mutual attraction and energy of objects such as potential energy, difference of potential energies, negative and positive energies, the author has opposed a “fraudulent substitution” between the concept of potential energy and the concept of difference of potential energies of an object in the gravity field and the carelessness in imposing the potential energy on the earth’s surface to be zero – a minor flaw that leads to big mistakes, one of which is the inadequacy of the law of conservation of mechanical energy that results in a reciprocal conversion of the kinetic energy and the potential energy of an object moving in the gravity field – a false perception of the essence of phenomenon, one of the causes leading to the inconsistency between the macro world and the micro world.

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Starting from a review of the nature of the electric currents in metals, the author have discovered the true nature of electric currents is not flow of free electrons as proposed by current theory but is the flow of conduction electrons which transmit from atom to another one when they are attracted by external electric field. Integrating with the new concept of inertia motion is a type of motions does not consume energy (similar to the motion of a satellite in a circular orbit around the Earth, the planets around stars…) and with the new “least-action principle” was discovered by the author from ten years ago (was published in IMFP-2005 proceeding), the nature of superconductivity in all temperature scales has discovered. From here, the mysterious phenomenon of high-temperature superconductivity is also spotted, opening up prospects for manufacturing superconducting materials at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.


The twentieth century marked a major step for mankind in science and technology including the technique of radio (1900), superconducting materials (1911), cybernetics (1940), semiconductor technique (1947), laser technique (1957), semiconductor electronic computer (1957), information technology (1958) … the physicists misperception that they are the result of quantum physics and at present, accounting for 30% of the GDP of a developing country, i.e. quantum physics seem to have brought about economic effects worthy of the investment of the society for more than a century for it. That’s not to mention the illusory promises for nearly 40 years of quantum physicists about quantum teleportation technology, quantum computer, etc. filled a potential with features that though in the dream you are not sure to think about!

To expose this deception, the author will review the important moments of the so-called “quantum physics” and refer to the time of application and the corresponding content in science and technology has listed above.

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1. Solution of spacecraft launch with safety and fuel economy under 50%.
2. Exploiting a new, clean and endless energy source to replace fossil fuels.
3. Fabricating the room temperature superconducting materials in atmospheric pressure conditions.
Hope to cooperate on the principle of mutual benefit.

According to the general theory of relativity (GR), when approaching the strong gravitational source, the time will be slowdown and this effect has been acknowledged because of the exact cesium atomic clock. However, there is a mystery that, for the working principle of this type of clocks, there are not any effects of the gravitation. By how way can it bear the intervention of the gravitational field? While that, the types of clocks operate actually as per the principle of the gravitation as the sand-glass, water clock and pendulum clock…they do not be considered. Through the exploration, the author has found out that these types of clocks confirm one opposite thing: the time of running is fast, not slowdown as the atomic clock, quartz clock, …and moreover, that is only for qualitative, and for the quantitative, this effect is bigger than million times in comparison with the estimation of the general relativity! But the more important thing is, from two opposite actual effects, they cannot be explained in this available physicsl framework, can open the unification direction which interacting gravitation with the remain interactions – is the open problem of XXI century.

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Abstract. On the basis of analyzing the shortcomings of the expanding universe model, together with the breakthrough proposal on the nature of the world of matter, the author has implemented reconstruction of the different from traditional universe model but it is suitable perfectly with the known experimental evidences up to now. Thus, the author has find the formula of gravity influence on the red shift of photon in the its spread process over the large distances, just as Mr. Hubble has detected experimentally.
To view the final image, please, click here: gravity red Shift
To view detailed explanation, please, click here: A new approach to redshift effect

To help ladies and gentlemen more easily visualize the status of “Physics Castle” was built more than 350 years which seeing from the view point of the NWP, the author boldly present the sketch of that “castle” according to which, “the foundation” of it includes: Galileo’s ideas about self-inertia, inertial frame of reference (IFR), the principle of relativity and the miscellaneous mix of the thought of mechanical materialism and metaphysical idealism. On that basis, “Physics Castle” is located in the middle of the page that corresponds to the theory of Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, quantum mechanics, etc. .; the “pillars” support for “Castle” are not “tilt” are arranged on the right and “is leaned” temporary on main “foundation” has been said above; the “fiber cable” to “bracing” for “the towers not collapsed” are arranged offset to the left and connect with… GOD dominating at the top of page – an inevitable outcome; Buddhist thought is lurking somewhere? – Is described by a cloud drifting lurch …

The problem is why can not build a new tower when to know that its foundation is not solid enough, have landslides? (The evidence is there are too many support pillars and cables). And in general perhaps, judging from the perspective of the methodology, in the case of “the amount of money patching tattoo bigger than sum to buy it”, should ruin it and reconstruct the castle on an another foundation has been reinforced by a methodological way, right? Or, at least, the first choice must to make is strengthen the foundation before you build or to repair the tower floor to release the “pillars” as well as “cables” caused loss “urban landscape” and, of course, not so stable if you want to continue to build more high.

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The final target of theoretical physics is to find out the model of the universe in which we are living, through that we can describe the matter forms from the most fundamental components (fundamental particles) to the biggest matter structures such as galaxies, reflecting the physical nature of all the motion process from micro to macro, the most general laws of those motions. However, when touching to the most general laws of matter world motion, it is necessary to have the precise philosophical world view which is confirmed by the knowledge quintessence of humankind including from the experimental study results of the natural sciences, specially, accurate to the logical thinking operation of the abstract science which are the philosophical knowledge of the universe: What is the matter? What is the motion? What is the time? What is the space? Without these philosophical perceptions, but with only looking forward to the empirical observation, we cannot recognize that, although with the modern means as such as the large hadron collide (LHC) or telescope Huble.

The matter is: we are touching to the issues which cannot be proofed because they are in distance out of the reach of human, especially, in the large distance. Our technology only reaches the boundary of the solar system, comparing with the Milky Way, it is also as the small dot, but don’t talk about the infinite large universe yet, or at least it is compared with the distance which by the most modern telescope we can observe: the 13 billions light years. However, the “observation” is one problem, but “seeing” the truth nature of thing is other problem at all. Even on the Earth, for the matter had “seen with own’s one eyes and touch own’s one hands”, but we also misunderstand too much, let alone on the distances from which right and wrong anyway cannot checked. The modern physics actually became a “fictitious science” that so-called “empirical evidence” is only a reason to justify its existence.

“The New Way for Physics” (NWP) was created based on the firm foundation of dialectical materialistic philosophy, the scientific thinking method is formal and dialectical logics, abided absolutely by the experiment evidence but no interpretation of any body by this evidence then put on it the “experiment dress” to charm man’s heart. There is only one true way to understand for the picture of the natural world, it is not as the picture of the artists as per the impressionism – do not confuse the “nature” and “society”, the “material objects” and “mathematical models” to replace it, “objective truth” and “perception of truth” that is subjective by vote of the majority.

People often refer to the “Occam’s razor” principle: “Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” – This rule is interpreted to mean that the simplest of two or more competing theories is preferable and that an explanation for unknown phenomena should first be attempted in terms of what is already known. Here is the choice between the modern physics (MP) and the NWP on the universe models which they obtained. The author has implemented the comparison under the table in order to help the readers know the advantage of NWP in comparison with the modern physics on the basic of that “Occam’s razor”,

For more detal, please, click here: …Comparing the two models


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As we know, photon is formed from rotary dipole (RD) when its rotary speed reaches in order to its effect radius reduce and smaller than the distance to any electric charge, making it escape entirely from electric interaction, or called the state of “the electric charge neutralization”. While, it is happen the translate process of the electric external energy of dipole RD to the gravitational internal energy of photon [1]. So, in order to determine the frequency of photon, firstly, we must determine the frequency as well as the external energy of dipole RD which formed to it.

For more delal, please, click here: …Friquency of photon

Because photon can not move as per the inertia (circular orbit), so in the process of moving in the gravitational field, its total energy can not conservable, it will consumptive little by little. This is the cause which leads to the phenomenon of “red shift” observed in astronomy from which we have been mistaken that it is Dopler effect and conclude the expansion of univers.

For more delal, please, click here: …PHOTON ENERGY IN GRAVITATY


Up to now, the experiments for the diffraction phenomenon has confirmed the light wave theory of Huyghen for last 350 years and together with electro-optical experiments to put the foundation for the quantum mechanic at the starting of XX century when “wave-particle duality” of light and the micro particles was accepted. However, the result of development and review the experiments for that phenomena lead to the author find out: Although that experiments was realized exactly, but the interpretation of the received experiment results was not correct and some important details in the diffraction experiments were realized from 200 years ago were omit and did not collate with the details which have just appeared in the experiments were realized later in the after half of XX century, so the mistake conclusions about the” wave property” of light and micro particles still continue to exist, up to now. With the convincing experimental evidence, the author has the conclusion: These experiments have been confirmed the particle property and negated their wave property.

For more delal, please, click here: …THE REVIEW OF THE LIGHT DIFFRACTION EXPERIMENTS or in ppt. format: Presentation of Young slit experiments

Based on the new hypothesis for electron and positron have been tested: They only have the electrical interaction but do not have the gravitational interaction, the author has presented the structural model of photon is electron-positron pair, they are completely suitable to all experiments. Because of having that structure, photon have not the mass in the electrical field, but it has the mass in the gravitational field. From here, the author has calculated the gravitational mass of photon ~4me, where me is the mass of electron. Using this mass value of photon to the calculation program on computer for the stars motion in the galaxies, the author receives the picture which is completely suitable to the observation result for the quick rotary of the galaxies as known. The nature of the dark matter has been discovered.

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Solar energy is considered as one of forms of renewable energy selected. Each square meter on the Earth surface perpendicularly shined by the Sun when it is cloudless can deliver ~ 1kW light power, i.e. ~ 4,000 kWh/year. Performance to receive the energy from the solar battery is at 25%, so it is necessary to have 4 m2 of area to acquire a capacity of 1 kW. So, to provide energy for the whole world within 1 year, it is necessary to have an area of about 100 million km2, equivalent to the total area of Europe, Asia and America, or two third of the total area of the continents – This is a utopian thing.
However, understanding about the source of solar energy so far has just stopped in physical knowledge at the early of the last century. ….

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Mass of photon

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We have referred the formation of gravitational interaction from “residual electromagnetic interactions” in the formation process of photon, i.e, the formation of gravitational mass Mph from “residual charge” …and more…

Resize of Bia CDM


XX century passed over in “the ups and downs” of the science and technology but the deep crisis for the thought basic of physics in particular and the natural sciences in general make us contemplate and worry: matter was born from Big Bang? And space and time were also born from there? Is there existence the creator to control all processes right from that time with the purpose of appearing mankind being? And that the phenomenon “spirit” such as: going to find out the grave samebody may be said that consciousness can be really exist out side matter? Stepping to XXI century, the echoes of “one time passed over” still saddled with the responsibility of people who study the science seriously.

As we knew, physics might have considered starting when Galileo has spoken “principle of inertia” for 350 years up to now. Going through Newton’s mechanics, Maxwell’s electrodynamics, Einstein’s relativity, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory… Physics, as people still thought, can to move towards more and more closely to universal truth, reach to a theory which unifies the all interactions having in the Nature. However, that will not have been able to happen because “Physical castle” was built on an “unsolid foundation”, leads to the phenomenon “leaning” as same as Pisa tower where Galileo had carried out the his famous experiment “freely falling body”. That “unsolid foundation” is metaphysical thinking, differentiate between dialectical materialism and the basic concept such as matter, space, time, motion, inertia etc…The big problem is the conception of “existence by oneself”, but is not “interdependent existence” as instinctive origin of natural World. Instead of going to the origin of the phenomenon from the philosophically general outlook, people avoided those thorny problems and finally, they must accept the metaphysics as one “unique target” and so that they had indeliberated to turn physics into an instrument in order to quibble for “crazy thoughts”, in fact, they turned back to the scientific spirit – Although Newton warned that: “Physics should be cautious with the metaphysics!”. “Nature is by its natural” – a mouth statement is to console ourselves for our powerlessness more than we must admit the paradox accumulating much more in physics, motivating the science to God.

On the basic of the absolute dialectical materialism methodology, the author tries to present again the most essential parts of physics as per the consistent order, from physical world outlook as an interdependent unification, the author does not accept the existence by oneself, does not discriminate microcosmic or macroscopic, rejecting to get out of physics for the metaphysical concepts with the slogan: “Return physics for physics”! Considering from this point of view, Newton mechanics is only the particular case of “The New Way” when the factor or the others can be ignored, they are not excluded but are true in the restrict condition for space and time, and when the bigness of magnetic force connecting the objects together may be ignored in order to accept the conception for the existence by oneself; electromagnetic field theory of Maxwell; relativity mechanics of Einstein and quantum field theory in the sphere of “The New Way”, one hand, mathematical formalism will be used to make the instruments to calculate the parameters of the physical processes but not be the means of modeling those processes, on the other hand, they only can apply in the local space and time narrow sphere; For the quantum mechanics in particular, Einstein was right when he said that “the God does not shoot dice” – That is true! The conception for the existence by oneself made the exertions which apply the mechanism regulation of Newton to the atomic physics, consisting of optics as well as nuclear physics, has not succeeded, in the microcosmic world, the attractive interaction of heavenly bodies are too small in comparison with the other interactions on Earth, so supposition for that “existence by oneself” can be accepted with an error in the sphere which the measure equipments can ensure. However, when the force field was strong enough as electric field or nuclear field, it is not any way to ignore them again, and so that they must turn back with the substance of thing and is the interdependent existence, they give their selves trouble with their expression form – “wave-particle duality” and “quantum orbit” of electrons in atom theatrically. The thing which is called “quantum uncertain” by Heydelbert’s uncertainty principle which is only deviatory outlook, naturally, they were started from that “wave-particle duality”, although they completely were taken out from “least-action principle” – one expression of “the change in quantity – the change in quality” law in physics.

(Science and Technology Publishing House, Hanoi, 2007)

Photon structure

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(Report presented at the 6th National Conference on Optics and Spectroscopy, 2010 in Hanoi, which is published in the Proccedings: “Advances in Optics, Photonics, Spectroscopy & Applications VI, 2011”)

Until now, photon is considered as an elementary particle having a dimension that is the same size as its wavelength, which means it is a very big, up to hundreds or thousands of kilometers (?); however, its structure never has not been discussed. Is this unfair?

By another approach to the nature of inertia phenomenon on point of view “dependent each other existence”, which is caused by the interaction of potential force field between objects, the author is found that “gravitational mass” and “inertial mass” are not always the same, but determined by the kind of interaction, in which objects are involved, either gravitation, electromagnetism or nucleus. Supposed that electron and positron are fundamental particles without gravitational interaction, but only electric interaction, the author proposed a possible structure of the photon.

Based on this proposed structure of the photon, all its properties as well as its relation to other kinds of matter can be explained. Especially, with this structure of the photon and “Least-Action Principle”, we completely get rid of wave-particle duality, paradox of the electron’s ability of radiating or absorbing photon, which is reluctant and illogical. In addition, it also shows the unification not only the gravitational and electric interaction, but also nuclear interactions, in terms of their physical nature, not the unification in the descriptive mathematical formalism.

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(The open letter to the physics fans has Created 02/09/2009)

Till now, “Con đường mới của vật lý học” (The New Way for Physics in Vietnamese) has presented oneself before the public for 2 years from the time of first publication on my Vietnamese blog*; for a year from the time of publishing the book and a half year from the time of publication on my Russian blog. It’s nothing to say on the Vietnamese blog, because it only has some users and dozens of comments – everyone is also due to “bread and butter”, so they are not willing to care about scientific researching without any benefits. However, it’s different from the Russian blog. Despite launching a year later, it has several thousands of comments. Having both praise and blame, however blame is very little (only counted on the fingers), most are encouraging, thanking and even not lack of “fans” (it’s likely that the translated version of texts has overcome the “language barrier”). Yet, maybe most of them are “amateurs”, or pupils, students… Whereas the Russian “formal” physics world within a scope of the “academic” class is still indifferent and stands outside like that is in our Vietnamese country!…

For more delal, please, click here: LET RETURN…

The formula E = mc2 is estimated as one of the top ten of most beautiful formulae at any epoch, but the its demonstration at firth contained mistake by just Great Einstein! The lack of logical fundament of the Einstein had advised by Aivs in “Journal of the Optical Society Of America”, 42, 540 – 543. 1952. After that, nobody take author’s demonstration no more, but…

For more delal, please, click here: Formula Einstein

(See the Proceedings of IMFP-2005 – International Meeting on Frontiers of Physics, Kuala Lumpur, 2005.)

“Least-action principle” in mechanics has been known as “Hamilton principle”. The existence of a “least action” value suggested by Max Planck has been widely applied in quantum mechanics. By specifying the concept of “action” and the concept of “effect” combined with the Planck constant, the author has introduced a new principle called “least-action principle 2”. The application of this principle in quantum mechanics forced us to take a second look into the movement as well as the interaction of fundamental particles. Not only the energy and the angular momentum but also the momentum, velocity, movement deflection angle as well as the time themselves are discrete. The condition of orbit quantum of electrons in atoms has been recalculated. Finally, the calculation of all the movements that can only deflect from the limited “angular quantum” has shown us that no “physical wave” exists.

For more delal, please, click here: – Short vertion: [119-123]-B8_vhtoan
– Full vertion: Least-action Principle

The inertial phenomenon whose characteristic quantity is that the inertial mass is one of the natural phenomena known soonest but its nature has so far still been a big scientific enigma. On the basis of analyzing trends of cognizing the definition of inertial mass from the past up to present, the author has found another approach to the nature of this phenomenon, that is the limited time of all processes of energy exchange. In the mechanics, the finiteness of the time of energy exchange leads to the motion of the body with the limited acceleration. It does prove the portion between the potential field force and the motion acceleration of the body in the potential force field, that is a constant entity for each body, not depending on its motion; that is the inertial mass that has been hiding for a long term. Thanks to that, it is also to accurate the law of freely falling body and the principle of equivalence is also a long term enigma up to date. In addition, it has developed the general laws of dynamics for all frames of reference, not only for the inertial frame of reference.

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